7 Reasons to Take a Temp Job

Throughout my career I have often been asked, “why would I take a temp job when I am really looking for something permanent?”

I usually ask each applicant what their hesitations are on accepting a temporary role before I give my professional opinion. The usual responses I receive are that candidates feel it interrupts their job search, makes their resume look “job jumpy,” or if they are receiving unemployment benefits they fear it may interfere with the ability to collect.

Reservations on Taking Temp Work

At AP, we do our very best to put our candidates’ mind at ease and alleviate their concerns. While we understand people have reservations on taking temp assignments, we do our very best to provide solid and factual information about the benefits. In my professional experience, individuals who are temporarily employed with companies secure employment faster than those who are not.

Temp Work is Smart

My advice to candidates is always that taking a temporary opportunity is smart for several reasons:

  1. You will gain or enhance your experience working at new facilities and different industries
  2. It provides new groups of individuals to professionally network with
  3. It gives you a purpose each day and provides mental stimulation
  4. You will keep utilizing your skills (and likely generate new skills)
  5. It very well could provide future permanent job opportunities
  6. It will NOT affect your ability to collect Unemployment Insurance Benefits (if you are already collecting)
  7. You are making an income while you job search

A Temp Job Can Change Your Life

We educate applicants that taking a temporary opportunity will not impede their ability to pursue permanent roles. We have great relationships with our clients, and they are always very understanding when someone needs to be excused to interview for a permanent position. Our objective is for candidates to feel good about themselves at a time when they can be overwhelmed with a sense of uncertainty.

Employment in any capacity boosts your well-being. Why not give a temp opportunity a go? You never know what may come out of it until you give it a try!

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By: Ann Leahy, Administrative Division Director

Ann is the Administrative Division Director. She focuses on temporary/contract, temporary to hire, and direct hire administrative/office support and marketing positions that range from entry to mid-level placements within the Rochester area. Ann has 20 years’ experience in the staffing industry, and joined AP Professionals in 2002.

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