Engineering & Operations

AP Professionals partners with the top manufacturing companies in the greater Rochester, NY area to recruit and place top engineering and operations job candidates.

Job Placement & Recruitment Specialties

We have a dedicated Engineering & Operations staffing team, who specialize in recruiting and placement for technical disciplines such as:


  • VP/Director
  • Manager
  • Automation
  • Applications
  • Chemical
  • Controls
  • Design
  • Electrical
  • Industrial
  • Manufacturing
  • Mechanical
  • Plastics
  • Process
  • Product
  • Project
  • Quality
  • R&D
  • Sales


  • VP/Director of Operations
  • Operations Manager
  • Facilities Manager
  • Plant Manager
  • Warehouse Manager
  • Distribution (all levels)
  • Production Planner
  • Production Manager
  • Production Supervisor
  • Project Manager
  • Program Manager
  • EHS
  • Quality
  • Supply Chain
  • Purchasing
  • Buyer
  • Logistics
  • Continuous Improvement

The AP Professionals Team

With decades of recruiting experience, we have developed a way to bring a higher level of service to local engineering and operations job placement.

Our approach is based on making personal connections and building trust to ensure that clients find the right employees for critical positions. We carefully screen each applicant through a personal interview to really understand their goals and the keys to their success. Then, we match them to our clients based on their skill set, education/background, and position requirements to ensure both the company and the candidate find a great fit.

We are able to ensure a great fit by taking a detailed approach. When possible, we tour our business partners’ facilities and sit down to talk directly with Human Resources and/or the hiring manager to understand their unique needs and culture.

We know the Rochester, NY market. Help us get to know your goals and start a relationship that will last a lifetime.

The AP Rochester Engineering and Operations Placement Team

Our Engineering and Operations Placement Team: Samantha Stearns, Dave Miller, and Jennifer Garigen.


He is fitting in very well. I am pleased to say after two weeks, he has really grasped what we do here and has jumped right in. I was not expecting him to be this far so quickly; he is a breath of fresh air for me, and now I can really get things going here and start doing my own job. Thanks again for the help in finding him…and thank you very much for the cookies, I love Leo’s! – Engineering & Operations Client Company

Thanks for the well wishes. It was a fast paced day and a lot of fun. It went really well and everyone was very helpful. This is a tight knit team that looks out for each other. There is so much to do and engage in. Thank you for helping me bid on this opportunity. You and the team at AP are awesome! – Engineering & Operations Production Manager Job Seeker