The Non-Traditional Career Path

Not every career path is linear. Today the non-linear or non-traditional career path has become more the norm. Very few end up in the career they originally set out for and most have had unexpected and surprisingly positive deviations from the original plan. Such is the case with me.

My Path

I completed my undergraduate degree in Education and then went on to complete my Master’s in School Counseling. At the time I finished my Master’s, there were no school counseling positions in the area. Having used AP Professionals for temporary positions in the past, I reached out to them for work. As timing would have it, they were hiring for a front desk position and I took it. At first, I thought the position would be short term. Little did I know, nine years later that I would still be happily working here.

In the first few months at AP, I gained so much experience and appreciation for the recruiting business. I quickly decided I wanted to stay in the recruiting industry instead of the path I had originally set out for through my education.

After working at the front desk for about two years, I had the opportunity to move up within the company and support a team of two recruiters that focused on Accounting, Finance, and Human Resources placement. In this role, I have had the opportunity to take on some Human Resources recruiting while still providing administrative support to the team.

Along the way, it would have been easy for me to get discouraged that I was so far from where I started out. However, I am so happy with and grateful for the opportunities I have had with AP that I cannot see myself in any other industry. So, if you find your career evolving in a different way than you planned and you like it, go with it!

Tips from Experience

Do not compare yourself to others and get hung-up on where you “should” be. You are on a path. Though it may not be the path you planned, make the best of its’ forks and turns and find what works for you. Try to not get discouraged if others land a dream job while you are still searching for the right fit. You may eventually find the right fit or even a new fit that becomes the right fit, which is what happened to me.

Continue to work hard. If you find yourself in a different industry than you thought you would, put your head down and work hard and you may very well open other doors. If your employer values your hard work, they will find a spot for you in order to keep you.

Roll with the changes. Again, do not get discouraged! Rather, embrace opportunities to learn and grow. If you are willing to adapt, you will go far.

Always develop your transferable skills. Along the way, continue to develop your skills in a way that would be helpful in various roles. Every experience is a learning experience

I’m grateful for the path that has led me to where I’m at now. And I promise you, if you haven’t already, you will find your place in the career world!

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By Jamie Frank, HR, Accounting & Finance, Placement Manager

Jamie is a Placement Manager for the mid to executive level Financial Division. She began as a temporary employee of AP while obtaining her undergraduate degree and was hired internally in 2009.  Starting as the office placement coordinator, Jamie was quickly promoted coordinate exclusively for the mid to executive level Financial Division. She was promoted to Placement Manager in 2017 and focuses on accounting, finance, and human resource needs.

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