Placement Options

AP Professionals of Florida offers several options to meet your needs no matter what level of position you have open. Here are a few typical scenarios and the reasons for choosing them.

Direct Hire/Perm Placement

This option is best for the candidate you are hoping to hire and can be beneficial for many reasons. No matter what type of market we are experiencing in Florida, hiring someone directly will get you the best candidates. This allows AP the opportunity to present passive candidates who are currently working and/or who may be ideal but are not actively looking for a new position. The fee for this type of hire would be a one-time lump sum payment with a 90-day guarantee.


This option gives you the chance to make sure that each candidate you hire is a good fit for the position as well as the company culture. Typically the temporary time period in this role is three months but there is no standard timeframe; you can hire the person as a permanent employee after a couple weeks or a couple of months if you are confident in their abilities. With this option you pay over time as opposed to a lump sum. At the date of hire you would pay the remaining fee.


AP Professionals of Florida has candidates available for anything from a one-month assignment to an indefinite contract position. We have several solutions available and will work with you to meet your needs. Should you decide down the road that you want to hire the person permanently we can help you through that transition as well. If not, the unemployment and other costs would fall on AP, not on your company.