March Success Story

March Success Story: Chelsea Maderer


This month we caught up with one of our previous candidates, Chelsea Maderer. We first met with Chelsea back in October when she was seeking a career change. Originally from Orchard Park, Chelsea is a graduate from Fredonia State College where she received her bachelor’s degree in Finance and Economics.

With a background in retail and sales, Chelsea came to us eager to get her foot in the door with a great Buffalo company, where she could gain valuable experience and grow as an employee.

Chelsea Maderer“I first heard about AP Professionals from close friend of mine Andréa Lefler. When I found out that she was an employee it was at the same time that I happened to be thinking about a career change. I asked Andréa, ‘what exactly does AP Professionals do for their candidates?’ From there, she helped me get scheduled for an interview and begin the process. It was so nice to have someone walk me through their procedure and help me feel at ease.

After I was set up with the interview, I met with Kayla Bajak. It was a very comfortable experience. She got to know me and was aware of what I was specifically looking for. The task of looking for a job was no longer as stressful as it typically can be when you are looking on your own.  Kayla would pose different job opportunities to me, and if there were any I was interested in we would work together to figure out if it was the right fit!”

Through a bit of searching for a good position for Chelsea, Kayla had a great opportunity at Bryant and Stratton College that she felt Chelsea would be a perfect match for. After presenting the opportunity to Chelsea, they decided to move forward with the interview process. She excelled in all aspects of interviewing, and soon after was offered a full-time role working in their recruitment department.

“Currently at Bryant and Stratton I work as High School Coordinator. Primarily, I work with High School students scheduling beneficial workshops. It is my job to expose and inform them of what Bryant & Stratton College can offer as they begin to consider their options for college.”

When asked what one of the best parts about utilizing AP Professionals for Chelsea’s job search she said:

“I loved that I was able to outsource my job search to AP Professionals. At the time I was searching, I was still working a full time job, and the thought of coming home and looking for a different job seemed daunting at times. It was so nice to have someone else in my corner looking for me and helping me so that I could still concentrate on work. AP really helped me get to where I wanted to go without being on my own.”


AP Success Story

Meet Sarah Budzinski:

Sarah Budzinski

We met Sarah this past fall when she came to our office in search of finding a position. As a recent graduate from Niagara Community College, with a degree in Public Communications, Sarah quickly proved to be an excellent, driven candidate, with amazing potential for her future.

After going through AP’s initial meeting process, Sarah went on several interviews to various companies in Buffalo, and was placed in two temporary assignments. Through these positions, Sarah demonstrated that hard work and determination truly do pay off.

Finally after searching for the right fit, AP Professionals helped Sarah land a permanent, full time position, at a company called inLighten – a business that specializes in digital media solutions, where she now works as a Sales Person.

To highlight Sarah’s success, we asked her a few questions about her experience with AP Professionals.


What first brought you to AP Professionals? 

“I came to AP Professionals after looking for positions online and saw an ad for the company.”


Can you describe some of your experience at AP?

“When coming to AP Professionals, I first met with Kayla Bajak one of the specialized recruiters. I found the whole staffing process to be very interesting and really like that my resume was not just thrown into a big stack with endless others. AP helped me get noticed by different companies that wouldn’t have typically seen my application otherwise. Kayla was extremely patient with me and helped me get an amazing position that I love being in every day.”


Where do you hope to see yourself in your career in the next few years?

“In the next five years, I hope to be growing within inLighten. I want to be here for a long time, and can definitely see myself doing that. I feel like AP really helped me get here and with out them I would never have gotten the position I currently work in that truly started my career.”


What is some advice you would give to someone who is currently seeking a job or career change?

“Check out AP Professionals. They are a full service staffing company that really gets to know you and find out exactly what kind of positions would work for you. I was extremely picky when it came to what I wanted to do, and where I wanted to work. My recruiter really learned who I was as a person, how I operated, what motivated me, and found me an amazing position that I can grow in.”

Keep an eye out in our blog for upcoming Success Stories in 2016!




AP Visits Buffalo Discovery School


A few of our recruiters at AP Professionals spent two Friday morning sessions with 8th grade students of the Discover School preparing for interviewing. The students were currently learning about career readiness, resume building, and interviewing!
After their first session with AP Professionals the students came back the following Friday dressed up and ready to interview for a job of their choosing!
AP conducted mock interviews to prepare them for real world job interviews. It was a great exercise in developing skills and strong answers to interview questions.  We were extremely impressed by how well they prepared and came professionally dressed with resumes in hand!
Overall we had an incredible experience with students from the Discovery School and we’re thrilled we could contribute to a local Buffalo School’s teaching!​


The AP Team

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 4.22.29 PM

At AP we are a team in every sense of the word, we are all united and committed to a common goal, success.


Unity is the difference between a team and a group of people who work together.  We accomplish more united as a team than individually and recognize that we would not be able to achieve our goals if we were to attempt them individually; It is our unity that brings us our success.


We set goals weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. Working towards achieving these goals is vital to our success. By clarifying our goals we are able to track what we have already accomplished and what we still intend to accomplish. Further, pursuing our goals together creates a much more effective team unit. We value and recognizes the importance of our goals, how they add value and worth to our successes and how each member of our team contributes.


For us it is our strong sense of mutuality and commitment that creates synergy. Having synergy enables us to work together as a team and allows each of our individual strengths to be combined. Through recognizing each member’s complementary strengths, we are able to build on the talents of our teammates and work together fluently and connectedness.


Our teamwork, synergy, unity, communication, and commitment to a meaningful goal allows for our functionality and our continued success.