Candidate Testimonials

We are proud of the successful relationships we’ve built with our candidates. Our Placement Directors strive to exceed expectations by focusing on the elements that make each person and situation unique.

“The AP Professionals team was great through the whole process…”

“The AP Professionals team was great through the whole process and Sue did an amazing job setting me up with a great company. She really had faith in me and presented me so well to [the client]. The amount of effort she devoted to my success really impressed me and I will always be grateful for her hard work and dedication.” – Josh H.

Thank you doesn’t seem like enough characters to express my gratitude…

“Thank you doesn’t seem like enough characters to express my gratitude for looking out for me, for pushing me to take a chance, for talking me up to [your client], for supporting me while I transitioned, and for the DELICIOUS cookies my team is right now enjoying. I thought I’d share one of the notes from a team member: “I find this kind of ironic when, really, we should be sending them cookies!!!!!!!!”. This team really is terrific and I believe I’m right where I should be.”   – Kristi V.

…..very persistent in finding me a job!…

I usually don’t leave testimonial letters but  I had to for a very special reason. I came across AP Professionals online and decided to apply for one of their job postings, I just assumed that it was another temp agency giving me the run around like I have experienced in the past by all the rest of the companies. Nothing but empty promises and no call backs is what I have been experiencing through these companies and I expected the same with this one, I was already at a rough patch in my life where I was down and out. I was really struggling at the time and didn’t know where to go from there. Kim Anken reached out to me and I met with her and right then and there we clicked, not only did she find me a job in a week but she was very persistent in finding me a job, and the follow up calls and emails to make sure I’m still happy.  She went above and beyond to make sure I was not struggling anymore, to me that shows dedication and true value of your customers/employees. I have never experienced that with any other company I have went through. I now recommend this company to all my family, friends, and even strangers that I come across in conversation. I can honestly say I am at my happiest I have ever been at thanks to Kim Anken and AP Professionals. Job well done! 10 plus stars for me, thank you Kim!  – Brittney B.


….their main priority was finding the best fit for me…..

AP professionals was my first experience with an agency and I would definitely recommend them to anyone on the job hunt. Upon first meeting them they were very friendly and seemed as though their main priority was finding a job that would be the best fit for me. They enabled me to land a position that I think I would have been unable to without their help. They made my job search less stressful and more successful!    –  Lindsay R.


…..none of them (agencies) had ever cared about me the way she and her company did……

I went to AP Professionals after I had been laid off from my previous full time position.  I went in and met with Kimberly about a potential job position, only to learn that I had actually already applied to the position through another agency.  She said since I had already applied, she wouldn’t be able to represent me for that opportunity.  Instead of showing me the door, she talked with me for a while about my experiences and what I was looking for.  She then brought up another temp to hire position at a great company she had been looking to fill that she thought I would be a great candidate for.  I interviewed, and a few weeks later, ended up getting brought on!  Even after I was hired however, Kimberly continued to call and check in on my progress and how I felt about the job.  I have worked with a couple other temp agencies, but none of them had ever cared about me the way she and her company did.  I have since been hired full time, and have a great job I enjoy.  All of this from an interview for an entirely different job that didn’t pan out!  Thank you Kim and AP!

-Kevin W.

..I didn’t feel like a number….

Finding a new job or replacing an existing one can be a very difficult and stressful task.  I found AP Professionals by answering a job placement, but I wish I started out with them from day one.  Kimberly Anken became my representative and listened to me about my choices and skills, I didn’t feel like a number but a person.  The job opportunities presented to me were excellent quality positions and I found my new position in three days.  Just finding a company with a solid job network of opportunities that adds this personal touch changed my life and career in such a positive way.

-Kathy T.

…treated me like family….

“AP Professionals helped me get hope when I thought I had no options. Sue was a great help to me and she made sure to help me in every way in my job search, she treated me like family. AP Professionals makes sure to help you find the right job that fits your skill set and jobs that you would enjoy doing! I recommend this company to any one who is in the market looking for a job. In a time where I thought I had no options AP Professionals made sure I kept a positive outlook in finding the perfect position for me. Thank you AP! ”

– Z. Alex

…different from other agencies…

My journey with AP Professionals began pretty recently. In fact, I just met with Kimberly Anken for the first time yesterday. But I can already tell that they are different from other agencies out there. Even those I had worked with, or tried working with, in the past.

For starters, their whole approach to working with their clients is completely individualized to the person. They really take an active interest in how they can help you reach whatever goals you might see for yourself in the marketplace. This tailored approach to doing business has put me at ease because I know they care about what they do and ultimately what happens to me.

-Jeremy M.